HousingMaster is a comprehensive, cloud-based property management system for efficient residential management.

Effortlessly handle lead generation, leasing, maintenance queries, and vendor management. Easy to use for landlords and tenants, creating stronger communities.

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About HousingMaster

HousingMaster is a comprehensive cloud-based holistic residential property management system that allows property owners to efficiently manage their residential properties/portfolios and provide an excellent service to tenants in their properties to create stronger communities.

The system is designed to support each step of the administration intensive high density residential properties, specifically the student housing letting process from leads, leasing up to year-end move-out.

As a holistic all-in-one system, HousingMaster helps manage occupancy, track maintenance queries, vendor management and more. It is created for easy use for both the landlord/property managers and the tenants.

Who can use it?
Residential property managers
Student residence managers
Anyone managing residential properties worldwide

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Services & Features

Leasing Applications Management

Swiftly & efficiently manage all leasing applications through our application module. The module allows for digital signatures and documentation storage allowing all parties easy access to signed lease.

Room Assignments - efficiently assign rooms to tenants and monitor property vacancies.

Property Inspections

Conduct Move-in and Move-out inspections with tenants through the Property Inspection Module.

General property inspections by the facilities manager and property management staffs can also be scheduled to monitor the state of the rooms and identify any required repairs.

The inspection module gives the property management staff visibility on the condition of all assets and properties at any point in time.


The integrated billing module generates scheduled and ad-hoc invoices that can be issued via multiple channels. The invoices are downloadable directly from the system by both your staff and tenants.

The system is integrated to various payment gateways for ease of processing payments from tenants.

Asset Management

Easily onboard all your property assets in the asset management module for comprehensive monitoring of performance and maintenance.

Integrations with the Property Inspection module and Vendor Management module allow for easy scheduling of inspections and replacement or repairs over the lifecycle of the different assets.

Schedule required maintenance inspections through the system, setting reminders and sending notifications to relevant staffs before each scheduled date.

Interactive Communication Portal

The communications module allows for two-way liaison between tenants and landlords, and tracks and categorises any query types from maintenance to grievances and everything in between.

Property Management staffs can issue notices to groups or individuals through the module, allowing for easy flow of important information.

The module also allows different property management staff members to get notified and reminded when assets need attention.


The activity reporting module allows for comprehensive report generation that allows timeous decision making on all your property management elements. Through the system you can generate;
  • Vacancy Reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Staff productivity

Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management module allows for loading of all your approved vendors together with your procurement thresholds.

Build a strong database and efficiently manage job assignments.

Integrations with other modules on the system enhance response times and quality of service for all commissioned work to maintain your assets in high standards.

Visitor Management

Our secure Visitor Management module ensures all users of your properties – Tenants and their visitors – are safe and can be tracked. The digital application for tenants means no more paper registers and allows for better analysis of visitor activity.

Tenants can sign-in visitors through the systems.

Property Managers and Security can track these visitors, providing visibility on use of the property and security.

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